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Being Cycling Friendly

Within the last few years, many facilities are adapting its installations to capture a tourism that has accomplished what our island was looking to accomplish for some time in this sector:


Furthermore, through studies and statistics, the cyclotourist has proven to be a tourist with a superior average stay, and also with a spending pattern higher than the rest.

Many wonder how to capture this quality tourism in an environment that gets more competitive every day.

At we offer a consulting service to every establishment that wishes to improve its infrastructure to attract cyclotourists.

Plus, at we´ve created a grading system to advise the tourist about the specific services that can be found in each establishment, based on objective criteria concerning number and quality.

We offer our consulting service to improve the quality and grading of each establishment oriented towards the cyclotourist.

First, an analysis and study about the infrastructures that the facility already has, physical as well as informative, and its possibilities of development according to the services it wishes to offer its clients and potential clients, and improve its grading.