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Marbella Hills hotel & Spa

The Hotel Spa Marbella Hills, is located 14 kms from Marbella and 5 kms from the village of Ojen, Malaga. It has 82 bedrooms. It is located in the middle of the biosphere reserve, belonging to Sierra de las Nieves. The Sierra de las Nieves will be in 2019, the country’s sixteenth national park, with an extension of 23.000 hectares, after approving in the Council of Ministers the joint proposal of the environmental department and the Andalusian board.

The hotel is located at 650m above sea level, with beautiful views of Marbella bay, the sea and the mountains of the African continent. The decoration of the noble areas offers our clients a Mozarabic atmosphere and style.

It has ample bedrooms, with 49” TVs, air conditioning, phone, full bathroom with double basin, large fitted wardrobe and free deposit box.

Complementary Spa and Gym. The Spa comprises of covered pool, sauna Turkish bath and jacuzzi. Massages are available but not included.
The hotel is really quiet, leaving a feeling of being in an oasis of peace and tranquility.

It has an interior and covered parking for a small fee of 5€ per day.

The hotel, in collaboration with activity companies located in OJEN, have arranged for our clients to be able to go horse riding through nature, from Ojen to Mijas. They can also hike from the hotel to the Caminito del Rey, where hiking routes, zip lines and Paint ball are available.

The designation of National Park allows the reappreciation of the beauty of Ojen’s landscapes, fauna, flora and its ecological uniqueness, thus, promoting nature tourism’s potential in two ways: On one hand, hiking routes and the other, BTT bike race circuits and other sporting competitions. Ojen during 2018 has been the home base of many sporting events such as the mountain bike descent 'Endurama Sunrise 2018', or the Sierra Blanca race 5th edition. Other events, such as Tajo Negro, are expected to be repeated this year. There has also been an investment to sign post the 'Trail Center', an open space with various specialised itineraries to mountain bike in and different modalities that can be enjoyed all year round. 

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