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Sa Sinia Vella

    • Diseminado es Palmer, 517, 07630 El Palmer, Illes
    • Campos
    • 07639
    • Islas Baleares, Spain
    • T: +34 647 424 372
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Villa "Sa Sinia d'Es Trenc" consists of an old farmhouse and an extension, resulting in an exciting ensemble with a great garden, pool area and terraces. The house is located just south of Campos towards the coast. You can go to Campos or Ses Salines for shopping, with both towns situated at the same distance of 6 km away. Since you are already halfway towards the coast, the sandy beaches here, above all - dream beach Es Trenc, are 15 minutes away by car. 

The Finca "Sa Sinia d'Es Trenc" is a brilliant example of the perfect symbiosis between an old Mallorcan country house and modern architecture. The result is impressive and extremely successful. The property probably achieves its stimulating effect also due to its isolated location and its agricultural character - no immediate neighbours, just fields and lush vegetation as far as the eye can see.

A harmonious atmosphere, in which recreation is a priority. Due to the structure that has grown over many years, you will find a varied and extremely beautiful garden full of olive and carob trees, cypresses and fruit trees. Natural stone paths lead through the untouched grounds. The pool area is close to the house and at the same time is a little elevated, as it is accessed by a few steps. The area is fenced with bamboo mats and offers a mobile safety device for children. The saltwater pool, which is generously sized and shallow (between 2 and 1.10 m), is framed by a surrounding sun terrace. Two separate awnings with bamboo roofs offer shady and very relaxed reclining possibilities on ergonomically shaped sun beds. There are also immediate roofed terraces in the

house that offer the possibility to relax comfortably in the shade. Under one of them there is a professional ping-pong table, but the highlight is the large covered terrace of the house. This porch has a table for 12 people with its elegant seating furniture. The large dimensions of the porch allow the dining area to be combined with some sofas that act as a chill-out area. During the evening of the joint barbecue you can see the cypresses and the beautiful green garden in the distance. So you can end the day with a nice glass of Majorcan red wine!

The old part of the building, which of course has been extensively renovated, houses most of the bedrooms. It pays tribute to the original character of the building by keeping the historic quarry stone walls visible, thus creating a very special feeling. The colour palette of the lounges is very discreet, with white, beige and natural or slightly glazed woodwork and ivory coloured tiles. All with air conditioning, the spacious bedrooms not only offer a peaceful night's rest, but also a homely atmosphere. They are distributed over two floors and are completed with a total of six modern shower baths, all en-suite. The double room with a built-in bathroom is an example of innovative architecture and unlimited thinking. On the ground floor of the new building, an open housing concept in the form of a loft was realized. Through the large window elements opening onto the terrace we experience a living / kitchen / dining area flooded with light. From the comfortable beige sofa landscape you can see the whole room. In the centre is the dining room with a solid rustic seat. The kitchen is visually separated by a central island with some stools. But the beautiful and shiny wooden cupboards with a complete complex equipment do not have to be hidden. With this division, it is easy to cook together and a communication space is created. A wonderful meeting place in the morning, when the smell of freshly brewed coffee flows through the house and you plan the further course of your relaxed vacation in the pleasant morning air.

In this flat area, close to the coast, there is a lot to explore: Places like Ses Salines, the salt flats of Campos, the coastal town Colonia de Sant Jordi and a little further away small villages like Santanyi. They offer a representative sample of this southern coastal region, which is still heavily agricultural. In the area you will also find the beautiful white sand beaches and crystal clear waters of Es Freu de Ses Covetes and Es Trenc. You can get there on foot, by bicycle or comfortably by car. So every day can be arranged individually and freely. Wherever the day trips take you, one thing is for sure: spending time at the dream estate "Sa Sinia d'Es Trenc" is no less attractive and promises a wonderful casual and relaxing enjoyment - a holiday for you!

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