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Being Cycling Friendly

Cycling tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors in the national tourism industry and Spain is the first training destination of the best cycling teams and triathletes of the world. During the past years, more and more companies adapted their offer to profit from this highly attractive type of tourism that is characterised by a length of stay and a quality above average. Many ask themselves how to get access to this quality tourism in an environment that becomes more and more competitive.

Cycling Friendly offers you the possibility to become one of the businesses that are awarded with our Quality Certification addressing both tourists and every company related to cycling holidays regarding specialised services in every accommodation and company according to objective criteria with regards to the number and quality of services provided.

Therefore, we offer an integral assessment service that consists primarily of an analysis and a study of the infrastructure provided by the company and the possibilities for further development regarding the services that it wants to offer to potential clients. Once implemented, with this improved infrastructure, they increase efficiency of communication to attract cycling tourists.

Our assessment and our services aren’t one-off actions because the cyclists request information and services constantly. The companies that collaborate with us can externalize these in a professional and specialised way to Cycling Friendly.

Contact us to become part of the Cycling Friendly movement and use the potential that lies in cycling and triathlon in Spain.