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FRI · 21st APR. 2017

In these days that we are reaching historic highs on cyclist riding around Mallorca, we think it is important to rescue some advises that we already gave to improve security, harmony and respect for cyclists that wants to enjoy this beautiful sport in the island.
Because this is a two sides conflict (Drivers and cyclists) we have made a decalogue of good practices for the two parts. Here are the ones for cyclists:
1-Do not crowd the oncoming traffic lane: Essential. It is one of the main causes in road accidents. We must respect our place on the road, specially when it is a twisty road
2-Road signs and traffic lights must be respected: In the last years, this is the second cause of accidents.
3-Changes of direction must be indicated: We need to facilitate our movements with the bicycle to the others vehicles.
4-Use helmet: Most of the cyclists are use to it, but we still can observe some of them that are not carrying the helmet. Keep your head protected in the event of a serious accident or incident.
5-Plan your route: We are working and insisting to institutions with the goal of having a correct signage on the Majorcan road network. Plan your route before starting and avoid the main and most dangerous roads. You can buy the Cycling Friendly map where you can see all you need to know about the best roads to ride in Mallorca. Here you can find all the information about the map.
6-Use the right-hand edge of the road: Even knowing that group riding is allowed, we should try to use as less space as possible on the road. Is mandatory to improve cyclists and drivers harmony, and we will facilitate overtaking with the meter and a half distance rule.
7- Extreme caution in urban environments: Many cars, traffic lights, few bicycles lanes… Extreme caution in urban environments, usually few prepares for cycling tourism.
8-Do not litter: let us respect the environment. Each year more and more people are enjoying cycle tourism in Mallorca, and it is everyone´s responsibility to keep it clean.
9-Respect public roads and private properties: Here you can find more than a hundred of Cycling Friendly bars and restaurants to enjoy local gastronomy and going to the toilet. Avoid us the image of doing it on the road. Apart from improving our group impression, we will avoid a possible fine.
10-Do not wear headphones while riding: Beyond it is forbidden, we reduce our concentration capacity on the road, so we reduce either our security or the others.
RESPECT TO BE RESPECTED: Cycling tourism is living all-time highs in Mallorca. We all like to enjoy this gorgeous island with the bike. Let us respect traffic rules and we will gain respect to our collective. Thank you all to respect this decalogue!!!