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FRI · 21st APR. 2017

It’s high season again for cyclists and historic highs in cycling tourism on Mallorca, so we think it is important to give some advice and rules that will help cyclists and drivers to interact. Tomorrow we will publish advice and rules for drivers and today the rules for cyclists

1- DO NOT drive on the opposite lane. Basically one of the main causes of accidents. Cyclists must strictly observe the road and lane limits, as driving in the opposite lane, especially in curves, can be fatal.

2- Pay attention to traffic signals and traffic lights. In recent years, this has been the second leading cause of accidents. The red traffic lights must be respected, as well as other traffic signs.

3 - Signal when changing direction. In this way, you can significantly simplify interacting with other road users. Make sure you clearly indicate when you want to turn and, above all, be careful (make sure that the way is clear), otherwise it can end badly.

4- Wear a helmet. Fortunately, most cyclists have already got used to this. Unfortunately, there are always exceptions. Helmets are compulsory on the island, but that's not the only reason why you should protect your head from impacts. Protect your head to prevent the worst.

5 - Plan your route. We are already working very closely with state institutions so that there will soon be better signs for our very broad network of side roads. Plan your route before departure so that you can avoid main roads and the associated danger as far as possible. Our website has detailed information and route suggestions to help you plan.

6- Use the safest section of the road: Even if the group is allowed to drive side by side in pairs, try to take up the smallest possible space and drive as much as possible on the edge. There is always a wide border lane, especially on the new roads. Driving on this lane is not only significantly safer, it also improves the interaction between drivers and cyclists by facilitating the overtaking process and enabling drivers to maintain the legally prescribed distance of 1.5 meters from the cyclist.

7- Extreme caution in city areas: lots of cars, traffic lights, little space for cyclists ... take special care in city areas, usually not cycling friendly.

8- Do not throw garbage: Cyclists should respect nature and not pollute. If you have managed to keep your chocolate bar, gel, etc. with you, you will surely be able to keep its packaging until the end of the tour. Of course, if you have to change a flat inner tube ... remember to keep it in your jersey too!

9- Respect both public roads and private areas: on our website you will find hundreds of cycling friendly bars and other establishments where you can freshen up, enjoy the local cuisine, and other needs! Let's avoid the image of a cyclist polluting the road. Aside from creating a bad image, you are even risking a fine!

10- Don’t cycle with headphones on the road: Aside from being banned, it reduces your ability to concentrate and hear ambient sounds, which means you risk hurting yourself or others.

RESPECT TO BE RESPECTED: as said before, cycling tourism on the island is increasing. Every cyclists loves this wonderful island. Therefore, you should also follow all of these advices and rules to maintain and reinforce respect for cyclists. Thanks to everyone who follows these rules and advices!