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SUN · 23rd APR. 2017

In the necessary coexistence between motor vehicles and bicycles, there is a set of mandatory rules that must be followed on both sides. All of these rules are based on mutual respect, but above all, on respect for life and ``walk in the other persons shoes´´

We are completely sure that between all of us, we will reach the goal of talking only about the sporting part of cycling leaving aside everything else.

1.Be patient. We can say that the rest of the points are linked directly from this one. Trying to reach our destination some seconds before could cost you a life, even the one from the driver. Losing patience can lead to a wrong decision.

2.Keep the safety distance (1 meter and a half). It may be one of the most common traffic regulations and at the same time, less respected by many people: The drivers obligation of leaving a minimum safety distance of 1meter and a half from cyclists. However, we can see how often drivers ignore this rule.

3.Do not drive when under the influence of alcohol or drugs: Like many others, an advice that goes far beyond cycling. It can be life threatening either for you or the others.

4.Overtaken is forbidden when cyclists are coming by the other lane. If you see oncoming cyclists, don´t overtake! Another traffic rule that is continuously breached and pose a risk either for cyclists or vehicles. Each little movement while overtaking can be a high risk.

5.Do not overtake in curves. Especially in the mountain passes. Be patient because if you overtake in a curve, you cannot see who is oncoming.

6.Cyclists have priority on roundabouts. Lets be clear… when the first cyclist in a group is on the roundabout, the rest of them have priority regarding other vehicles. Like the DGT indicates, they are considered as a unique vehicle. Few drivers know this rule, being one of the most discussed between both sides.

7.Cyclists have priority if a vehicle that goes by the same road wants to turn. Same case as the point 6. When you are circulating by a road where there are cyclists, and you want to turn on the direction from where they comes from, you should wait until the group have passed.

8.Cyclist can circulate in parallel: We link again to the first point. Be patient, because cyclists are not violated any infraction while they are circulating in parallel, and drivers should wait for their moment to overtake.

9.Extreme caution in urban environments: In a city or town, pay attention. Cyclists’ movements (and other vehicles) can be quicker and unpredictable.

10. Klaxon is only allowed in emergency situations: It makes totally sense and everyone knows it, but not everyone does it. Do not use the klaxon to blame either a cyclist or a group. It only creates stress to the situation.