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SUN · 23rd APR. 2017

There are regulations on road safety so that the shared use of roads by motorists and cyclists is safe. Ideally, the cooperation should be based on respect and on "walking a mile in one's shoes". Then we will surely succeed in talking only about the sporting part of cycling leaving aside everything else.

1 - Patience. All other advice is actually based on this aspect. Saving a few seconds can result in the loss of a cyclist's life, or even the life of the cyclist and the driver. Being impatient quickly leads to making an hasty decision.

2. Keep the safety distance (1 meter and a half). This is probably one of the best-known rules that affect drivers and cyclists. And yet it is definitely one of the most frequently disregarded rules ... Every day we experience how drivers disregard this minimum distance from cyclists when overtaking.

3. Do not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs: Like many of our advice, this is one that applies not only to driving but also to cyclists. If you drive a car under drugs, you risk not only your own life, but above all that of other road users (cyclists, pedestrians, drivers ...).

4. Overtaken is forbidden when cyclists are approaching in the other lane. If you see oncoming cyclists, don´t overtake! This is also a traffic standard that is often ignored and a great risk for cyclists and vehicles! The slightest deviation from the planned route can have catastrophic consequences.

5. Do not overtake in curves. Also a classic that is often ignored, especially in mountain passes. Be patient! If you overtake in a curve, you cannot see whether someone is coming towards you - whether you are a car or a cyclist.

6. Cyclists have priority on roundabouts. Of course not always ... But as soon as the first cyclist in a group has entered the roundabout, the rest of the group has priority over other road users. As stated in the Spanish Road Traffic Regulations, they are to be treated as "a single connected vehicle". Many drivers do not know this rule, which of course often leads to conflicts.

7. Cyclists are given priority if a vehicle wants to turn. As the previous point. If you are driving on a road that is also used by cyclists and you want to turn, you have to wait for the whole group to catch up.

8. Cyclists may ride side by side in pairs: Here we are again at point 1. Be patient! Because when cyclists ride side by side, they don’t break the rules. Wait a few seconds until the road is really clear before you overtake it. Because losing a few seconds is always less than risking a human life.

9. Extreme caution in urban environments: Be especially careful in the city and in residential areas. Because here the changes of direction of cyclists (and other vehicles) can be even more unforeseen and faster. Be extra careful when opening the door or performing other maneuvers.

10. Klaxon is only allowed in emergency situations: It makes totally sense and known by everyone, right? But is it really like that? Do not use the horn to reproach a group or a cyclist. This only leads to tension (and contradicts the principle of mutual respect) and could even cause a cyclist to get frightened and injured unnecessarily.