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THU · 3rd JAN. 2019

Are you thinking of participating in your first cycling event? This is a challenge that, sooner or later, all cyclists end up facing with some common questions and fears. Cycling Friendly brings you several tips to face those fears!

1) Sign up!

Make your registration and have your bib. What an obvious advice, isn´t it? It may seem that way, but keep in mind that the main cycling events deplete registrations in a few days, or even in a few hours.

On the other hand, never participate without a bib. You would not be assured. You would endanger other participants who have registered, and in addition, you would be disrespecting both the organizers and their effort, as well as the rest of the cyclists.

2) Train and prepare yourself physically for the challenge

Signing up for the first cyclist tour usually comes from an impulse. Undoubtedly, in a stage with thousands of meters of positive uneven roads and usually quite long kilometres, you will suffer. Train your body and mind months in advance to minimize that suffering and enjoy that first cycling event.

Be careful with your impetus in order not to be over-trained, since you could have injuries and / or fatigue that prevent you from participating in that cyclist tour.

3) Practice riding a bicycle in a group before the event

Better in a group that is as big as possible. Cycling tours have a non-competitive character, they are not a race, but among hundreds or thousands of people, you should undoubtedly have some ability to ride in groups to avoid incidents and enjoy that first experience.

4) Choose a cycling event in an area that you know.

In addition to the savings in time and money, opt for a cyclist tour that is close to your home, that runs along roads you know and where you have been on a bike before. Knowing the hardness of the mountain passes, the descents, the areas where you can rest or where you have to push, will help you to dose your strength, which is very necessary in your first cycling tour, as well as to avoid accidents.

5) Much better with friends

If you have started in the world of cycling, it may be with a group of friends or a local group. May that first experience in a cyclist tour be shared with those friends who will help you in the hardest times of the test and will add fun and energy to overcome those moments of suffering.

In addition, sharing with your Friends your training to carry out this event ,will always be safer and more pleasant.

6) Check the mechanics of your bike

No one really liked not to finish their first cyclist tour due to a mechanical problem. Take the bicycle to your trusty store to have it checked (if you do not know any, here you can find some STORES in your village), or do a maintenance check if you have the necessary knowledge, paying special attention to tires, brakes, gears and chain.

7) Plan the test and safely enjoy it

Bicycle and tourism ... we all like to improve ourselves, make a good time ... But think that a cyclist test does not have a competitive nature. Plan the efforts during the tour according to a comfortable rhythm for you that allows you to enjoy the experience.

Rate in the uphills and do not play on the downs. Do not let a fall to ruin a great cycling day.

8) Nutrition plan and refreshments

You have trained your body and certainly your mind for this challenge, but ... have you taken into account the food you will need during the cyclist tour? You will spend many hours on a bicycle so you will need to eat and drink. Therefore, you must also train your body's adaptation to some food such as energy bars, nuts, bananas, etc.. to avoid suffering a feared " pájara "( a loss of form or a physicall decay) in full swing, and isotonic drinks, or with mineral salts to avoid the feared cramps.

9) Plan the equipment

In addition to the clothes (forbidden to wear new ítems like shorts, jerseys, shoes ... on the same day of the test), remember to prepare everything you need the night before: helmet, bottles, energetic bars and gels, salts, and above all, do not forget the necessary spare parts and tools in case you suffer any puncture or mishap!

10) I have suffered but ... I have also enjoyed and I want more!

That may be your feeling when you cross the finish line. You have overcome your first official challenge in the world of bicycle touring and your mind will begin to think about the next challenge.

Here is the list of events related to cycling to find your next goal: CYCLING EVENTS IN SPAIN