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THU · 16th MAY. 2019

The Valencian community, following the trends in sustainable mobility that are already very common in other European countries, is laying the foundations of the sustainable mobility of the future by expanding the possibilities of using the bicycle in both urban and natural environments.

Network of bicycle itineraries: a bet for the future

The expansion of more than 2,300 kilometers of new cycling routes in the Valencian Community aims, not only to promote sustainable mobility, but to structure the entire territory with a wide network of bicycle routes. 289 cycling routes through 3,360 kilometers that will connect 274 municipalities.

Undoubtedly, an ambitious project that, once completed, will ensure that "92% of the population of the entire Valencian Community has connection with these cycling routes".

It is expected that approximately 4.6 million inhabitants will have this new mobility infrastructure service, which also requires an investment of 140 million euros to become a reality.

Not only urban cycling

Once the project is completed, the Valencian Community will not only have a network of cycling itineraries that improve the daily movement between towns, but also recreational routes of medium and long distance for sports or nature lovers.

Valencia, a cyclable city

The fame as a cycling city that has is not the result of chance, it is the second city in Spain with the highest number of cyclists and the structure of the city allows cycling through it safely and in a very short time.

We can say that thanks to its commitment to a more sustainable city, with greater traffic on bicycles and a reduction in car use (and pollution) "Valencia has become famous in other countries as a perfect city to be visited by cycling".

A clear case of success in the Valencian Community is the case of the Xativa area. In two years there are 40km more network in Valencia and the Xàtiva section registers an increase of more than 70% more daily users.

The new cycling lane structure of València was made two years ago and the results are surprising. The use of vehicles has been drastically reduced while the use of the bicycle has grown considerably

Adapting cities to a more sustainable mobility we prepare ourselves for a cleaner and less polluted future!In Cycling Friendly we bet on more sustainable cities and where the bicycle is the main protagonist. Do you join the Cycling Friendly movement? #JoinTheCyclingFriendlyMovement