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WED · 29th MAY. 2019

Day: Saturday, 28th of Setember of 2019
Location: Alto de Artxanda

The layout of the Orbea Klasika Bilbao-Bizkaia, is not a route for cyclists initiated, rather it is for cyclists who accumulate many kilometers in their legs ready to grit their teeth and enjoy the effort required by this test.

The Orbea Klasika Bilbao-Bizkaia, has a distance of 128 km and 2,800 meters of positive height difference. The ports are over 5 kilometers away, with drops of over 20%, and it is not a bad idea to prepare with special developments, since it is possible that you may occasionally miss a larger pinion.

The departure and arrival of La Orbea Klasika Bilbao-Bizkaia will be the height of Artxanda. Traffic will be regulated but precautions will have to be taken and traffic rules will be followed since the participants in the Klasika Orbea Bilbao-Bizkaia will not have priority. Therefore, compliance with said Highway Code will be mandatory.

The Orbea Klasika Bilbao-Bizkaia challenges you to perform a test not suitable for weak minds and offers a great passionate return to cycling. The design of the route is based on the characteristics of those klasikas that so many good moments provide us. A half-depth test, but of high intensity. A test in which the real protagonist, the participant, must save forces for the last thirty kilometers in which he will be required to squeeze his body to reach the finish line

At the end of the march, we can proudly wear that Orca jersey that we have won with each pedal stroke. That jersey will certify us as authentic klasikómanos. You will light the "K" of Klasika making it clear to everyone that you are not any cyclist.

Here you have a description of the La Orbea Klasika Bilbao-Bizkaia:REGISTRATIONS HERE


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