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FRI · 26th JUN. 2020

The top 10 mountain passes in Tenerife are characterized by the spectacular ascent to El Teide and a range of the most spectacular climbs. But there is much more to discover! The Masca slopes, the Anaga landscapes, the serpentine curves of the Bailadero ... find out everything in this post!

1 - TEIDE (From Santa Cruz de Tenerife) - 62,9kms / 4,6% average

Ready for a climb of more than 60 kilometers? We start this selection with an extremely long climb from Santa Cruz de Tenerife to one of the Teide climbs through Las Lagunetas. There are no large slopes, but wear due to the mileage, only with a slightly decreasing area, and the accumulated height of more than 2,800 meters of positive slope, make this climb a challenge for the cyclist visiting Tenerife.

2 - TEIDE (From El Médano) - 49,7kms / 5% average

Another climb with departure from a community with a long cycling tradition in Tenerife such as El Médano by Granadilla de Abona and Vilaflor, to one of the most winding and beautiful areas with a range of vegetation to immerse yourself in the typical landscape of Tenerife, El Teide. As with other options, the hardness is in kilometers and height.

3 - TEIDE (From Puerto de la Cruz) - 45,4kms / 5,2% average

The wide range of cycling friendly accommodations in a certified community like Puerto de la Cruz makes it another ideal option to discover the colossus of Tenerife, El Teide. The curves of the Orotava with a view of the sea from Aguamansa to a green area to El Portillo.

4 - TEIDE (From Guía de Isora) - 51,9kms / 4,6% average

In this climb to Teide National Park, we start at Playa de San Juan in the cycling-friendly community of Guía de Isora, which we cross to reach one of the most non-stop climbs of the giant of Tenerife. Almost 52 kilometers with practically 2,400 meters of accumulated positive slope and wonderful landscapes for a mandatory route when visiting the island.

5 - LOS LOROS + TEIDE - 51,3kms / 4,9% average

Another climb to the Teide cable car area, which is also more than 50 kilometers. In this case, leave the city of Güimar to first overcome the climb from Los Loros to Teide National Park with regular slopes and a descent area between Izaña and El Portillo. One of the sides accumulating more meters of positive slope.

6 - MASCA - 3,8kms / 11,2% average

Can a climb of less than 4 kilometers sneak into the choice of climbs on Tenerife? Not only can it be, it is also a must. The fearsome Masca slopes, its spectacular views, the horseshoe bends in an open landscape and no breaks, have made this climb to the viewpoint a "must" on the island.


7 - EL BAILADERO - 11,3kms / 5,7% average

From a landscape of sun and beach in Las Teresitas to another of vegetation and forest in the rural park of Anaga, in the midst of endless horseshoe curves and stunning landscapes. That is the secret of Bailadero, another climb on Tenerife. A very constant 6% slope to enjoy this bike queue.

8 - LAS CRUCES AND EL TANQUE - 18,3kms / 5,6% average

Another climb combining two second-class, with more than 1,000 meters positive slope in 18 kilometers. An increase in wear and tear with only a few meters to rest. The horseshoe curves of Las Cruces and the view of the sea will accompany us until we enter a landscape with more vegetation that approaches a height of a thousand meters.

9 - PICO DEL INGLÉS (Pedro Álvarez) - 10,5kms / 5%

One of the secrets of Tenerife is the diversity of the landscapes, and this climb takes you straight into the "jungle". The demanding slopes of Pedro Álvarez along a small, winding road between thousands of trees and almost no traffic, take you to Anaga Rural Park, with a second half with very little slope and some descents to the Pico del Inglés.

10 - EL BOQUERÓN - 4,7kms / 5,8%

Although the length or average of other climbs is not listed, the Boquerón climb is a classic on the island. Its secret lies in the spectacular sea views during most of the ride.